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I completed pregnancy yoga from 12 weeks till 37 weeks with Valerie. The class was fantastic, it really helped with all the aches and pains during pregnancy, it was very empowering to be in a room surrounded by all mums to be. Valerie really helped us to think about the process of pregnancy, growing our babies, connecting with our babies and preparing for labour. I really noticed when I didn't go for a week. In fact after having my baby I couldn't wait to get back to yoga and my little girl and I attended mummy and baby yoga from when she was 6 weeks old till she was 7months (when I only stopped because she started crawling). Mummy and baby yoga is probably my favourite of all the yoga classes I've ever attended. Valerie is brilliant at not only making all the mums feel relaxed and at ease to look after their babies but also getting us all to do our yoga and yoga with our baby. Feeding, changing and comforting our babies was very easy and helped to make me feel very comfortable so that even if my baby was crying I wasn't panicking or feeling awkward. My little girl really enjoyed it and we used lots of the baby yoga at home too. Valerie created such a lovely space to meet other mums and babies and do yoga. The yoga was great for the post labour body and really helped with back ache from rocking a baby. Since stopping mummy and baby yoga I've joined one of Valerie's regular yoga classes. If I'm lucky enough to have another baby I will definitely be going back to pregnancy and mummy and baby yoga. 

Claire - pregnancy/ mummy & baby / general classes

I joined Valerie for pregnancy yoga and have continued with Mummy and Baby classes. The pregnancy yoga was a moment of calm each week, time for me to focus on me and bump and have some stillness. Through the classes I have made a great group of friends who have been a fantastic support during the times both before and after baby arrived. I would highly recommend these classes for a chance to look after yourself during pregnancy and connect with other women going through the same experiences.

Karen - pregnancy / mummy & baby classes

Amazing, amazing, amazing! In just 3 sessions post baby my downward dog is nearly back as it should be. Highly recommend using Valerie. Lovely, down to earth & an excellent teacher!!

Nishi - private tuition

I always looked forward to Sunday morning pregnancy yoga.  I found the classes gave me both the strength mentally and physically to enjoy pregnancy and prepare for the "BIG DAY".  I loved the relaxation too.  The classes are great and am now I'm enjoying Baby Yoga classes on a Tuesday morning.  I would really recommend both of these classes; they are brilliant and Valerie is amazing!! 

Carrie - pregnancy /  mummy & baby classes

My yoga class with Valerie is my favourite time of the week. As a busy working mum I don't stop much so the class is sheer bliss. We get worked hard but Valerie is a great teacher and very encouraging. At the end of the class, I feel stretched, relaxed and reset - ready to face another day. Thoroughly recommend!

Janet - mixed level class

The beginners class helped me to understand how and why we do yoga. A real treat for the mind, body and soul.

Hilary - mixed level class

I started Valerie's Prenatal Yoga when I was 17 weeks pregnant and was able to continue right up to 39 weeks - Valerie tailors her classes so they are suitable for all stages of pregnancy. The classes really helped to instil a positive mental attitude toward labour and birth, and I found myself oddly looking forward to the experience because of it. When the time came, I was able to adopt the breathing techniques Valerie had taught us, which greatly helped during the early part of labour. I would recommend Valerie May Yoga to anyone and cannot wait to take my newborn to the Baby Yoga classes, and am sure Leo will benefit from them as much as I already have.

Jo - pregnancy / mummy & baby classes

Valerie's pregnancy yoga classes were extremely good, I was so happy I found them. Valerie is very gentle and has a very relaxing voice, she is very caring and knowledgeable, always helping and correcting the postures to ensure we all get the best out of the class, she also shares her experiences as a mother which is very useful. I found the classes very calming and relaxing and did help me a lot with breathing and relaxation techniques as well as physically. The classes are so calming that I was walking on clouds after every class. I thoroughly recommend Valerie's classes.

Sandra - pregnancy / mummy & baby classes

As a complete novice to yoga, I was worried that I would find pregnancy yoga a challenge, however with Valerie's classes it didn't matter that I was a beginner.  The classes are inclusive of all levels and Valerie is very attentive and helpful in ensuring you can get the best out of the yoga positions are you progress through your pregnancy.  The classes are fun and informative and they make you feel empowered and confident about your impending birth.  As a mum of a toddler already it was also lovely to have some relaxing time with just me and my bump each week! As a mum herself, Valerie brings her real life experience of birth and pregnancy so you know she fully understands how you are feeling as you enter each trimester!  I can honestly say now that I have given birth to my second baby that I did genuinely use the breathing techniques we practiced in class throughout my first stage of labour and into active labour stage and it made a vast difference compared to the my labour with my first baby.  I felt far more in controls and felt far more confident in managing the contractions.  My body also bounced back far quicker than first time around.  I'm a small person but my bump was huge as was my baby but only 2 weeks after giving birth I have a waist again!  And having had a natural delivery I can attest that the pelvic floor exercises do work!  All in all I can't recommend Valerie's classes enough - they are fun, informative, relaxing and above all helped me get through my labour and recover faster compared with my first pregnancy. 

Georgina - pregnancy class

Attended a restorative yoga gong bath evening last May. Great experience Valerie is a very compassionate teacher loved the energy of the practice and supper was good too. Wonderful evening.

Corinne - restorative yoga & sound bath evening

We love this class its great for both mum and baby.  If you have a bad night and feel like you don't have the energy to get up and get ready for the day, we always make an effort for Val's yoga and always feel better for going.  With this lovely relaxed class both mum and baby will let go and feel the tension release.  Val has good understanding of everyone's needs and always adjusts the class to suits the mums and babies.  The class has everything you need, stretching, strengthening and a great work out for mums.  Babies love the interaction, which is great for their development and we all love Val's calming voice as well as the relaxing music.  

Samantha & Aiden - mummy & baby class

I went to pregnancy yoga and now do mum and baby yoga with Valerie.  I really enjoy the classes and my baby absolutely loves them.  They are professionally run and at nice venues and perfect for toning and relaxation.  Babies are allotted their own slot but are also integrated into mum's exercises.  You can take time out to feed, change or calm your baby but because they are so stimulated, I find that even my hungry girl is happy to wait for her feed and sleep until after the session.  Classes are perfect for us.  

Andrea & Maya - mummy & baby class

Yoga is a light, which once lit, is never dimmed.
— B.K.S Iyengar